Alberta Seed Growers

Alberta Seed Growers work hard to maintain the standards and methods of producing clean, true-to-type, high-quality seed.

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Canadian Seed Growers' Assocation

The CSGA is the sole seed pedigree agency for most agricultural crops in Canada. Canada’s seed system is recognized and respected around the globe because it ensures mechanical purity, while providing an audit trail that guarantees varietal identity and purity.

Mercer Seeds Ltd. has been a member in good standing with the CSGA since 1975.

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Canadian Seed Institute

The Canadian Seed Institute (CSI) delivers accreditation and monitoring programs for the Canadian seed industry. Recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, CSI has been given the mandate to be the single point of contact for all seed establishments, seed laboratories, operators and graders seeking registration, licensing or accreditation.

Certified as a Registered Seed Establishment in 1983, Mercer Seeds Ltd. is able to clean and ship seed.

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Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association

The AWSA certificate allows Mercer Seeds Ltd. to handle and treat seed on farm at the time of pick up.

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SeedNet was formed in 2010 by fourteen independent seed growers each having 15 – 50 years experience and collectively having in excess of over 350 years experience in growing, processing and retailing seed. We are dedicated to providing farmers with the best quality seed and farm inputs available. Our products and services are provided by our farmer members who have first hand, real life experience with the seed and farm inputs we are selling.​ 



Global Organic Alliance

Mercer Seeds is certified with Global Organic Alliance to clean and store organic seed.

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Health Canada

Mercer Seeds Ltd. holds a current Health Canada License for producing, cleaning and selling hemp seed.